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“The Matrix”

At this moment I want to greatly encourage you with my highest recommendation if you have not yet done so, to go to see the movie entitled The Matrix. In the paragraphs which follow I may use an analogy or two from the film and as I don’t want “to ruin” your movie experience by exposing the plot to you I thus encourage you to stop here, don’t read any further, and then come back and visit us after you have had the fun of  watching the movie.

With the previous warning and advice given I will begin to describe “The Matrix” of our time via the following factual description of a tragic event in United States history. While it may appear at first that the topic I will discuss has no bearing on the 2 financial scandals which I discussed above please bear with me as I will show that the events are extremely closely tied together.

Beware – Depending upon the extent of your own involvement with “The Matrix” the following information, even though it is completely factual, will be totally new and disturbing. Please be aware of your reaction to it.


The Assassination Of Robert F. Kennedy

Senator Robert F. Kennedy was killed in June of 1968 after he had won the California Democratic Primary as he sought to gain the Democratic nomination as their candidate for the Presidency in the November election of that year.

Who killed Robert F. Kennedy? The mass majority of people will claim that a Palestinian immigrant by the name of Sirhan Sirhan was the killer.

They are wrong.

Please excuse my lack of drawing skills but the following diagram represents the positions of

C   A                B

A – Kennedy
B – Sirhan, and
C – Kennedy’s guard at the time of the killing.

Kennedy and his guard enter the hotel kitchen going from left to right above. Sirhan appears 6 to 8 feet away from Kennedy and facing him directly the entire time and begins firing in the direction of B to A ( right to left ) above. In the diagram above Kennedy and the guard are facing toward B ( Sirhan ) left to right. Sirhan ( B ) is facing right to left toward Kennedy and the guard. Kennedy and Sirhan were never closer than 6 feet and they were facing each other the ENTIRE time that the shooting lasted. These are the facts of the shooting scene.

The facts of the autopsy of Kennedy were the following :

Kennedy was killed by a shot to the head that entered “behind his right ear in a back to front direction” and which left powder burns.Please read the previous sentence again. To leave powder burns a gun must be fired very very close to the target.

The facts of the autopsy show, conclusively and without doubt, that Sirhan Sirhan COULD NOT HAVE BEEN THE KILLER OF ROBERT KENNEDY!! Now the shots of Sirhan may have wounded Kennedy ( even this was never proven ) but the shot which killed Kennedy came from the direction of C in the diagram above – behind him and close enough to leave powder burns at the wound entrance.

Hence Sirhan Sirhan IS NOT the killer of Robert Kennedy because – A) he was never behind him at any time; and B) he was never close enough to fire a gun and leave powder burns at the wound entry even if he did have Kennedy turned around with Kennedy’s back facing Sirhan.


The relevance of the assassination of Robert Kennedy to the two greatest financial scandalsand crimes in history.

“The Matrix” which I noted above is my term, borrowed from the excellent movie of the same name, for the media (here including television, print, radio, magazines, and all other forms of major outlets) and its controllers which, and who, decide not only what information you will receive but, additionally and far more importantly, what you will think about it and what you will believe.

I have presented the example of the assassination of Robert Kennedy to illustrate that even one of the most famous political figures of the 20th century can be assassinated virtually right in front of the people of the nation and, just as with his brother John Fitzgerald who suffered the same fate, his killer(s), with assistance from and a cover-up by “The Matrix,” can get away totally free without any consequences while a “patsy ” is set up to “take the fall” for the public figure’s death. This example hence presents two outstanding and current problems:

  1. the strength of “The Matrix” that they can, right in front of the American people, lie about, and cover up the true facts about, a major event in the history of the United States and get away with such lying virtually without challenge of any type, and
  2. the weakness of the general public who can be lied to and will accept those lies without challenge of any type.

The same strength and weakness which I note here in 1) and 2) above is the reason why the two greatest financial crimes in history, the Federal Reserve System and the personal income tax which cheat and swindle the citizens of the nation every minute of every day and which are ongoing both as I write this and as you read it, have been created and continue to “prosper” to this very moment. “The Matrix” will simply refuse to report anything at all of these crimes and hence, by total silence, covers them up so that relatively few citizens know or realize that such crimes are occurring.

For these crimes, as I will abundantly illustrate and prove via the massive amount of information which this site shall present, are protected by “The Matrix” in their function, continuance, and expansion. As we shall illustrate beyond the shadow of a doubt these crimes cheat you, the citizen, each and every day out of both your current wages for your labor and the savings which you (unfortunately) imagine that you are putting aside for your future.

“The Matrix,” being controlled by those criminals who are the founders and continuers of the two greatest financial crimes in history, will never mention the information which we will show and prove to you at this site. Even when it is put in front of their face, and when they could get a Pulitzer Prize for Journalism by telling the truth, they dare not publish it for they know that if they even attempted to do so their career would, as with the immortal words in the movie “The Godfather,” “sleep with the fishes.”

And so it is this site, as part of an organized political campaign for the truth, that presents this information to you in concert with thousands of other patriotic citizens who are battling to save our nation from the scandals which we shall present and prove to you. Of course there is a requirement for you in all of this – that you work. For as I noted this is not a site for campaign fluffery or a McPolitical site where we deal out bite sized puffs of cotton-candy, and totally worthless, political information – this is a “meat and potatoes” website where there will be abundant mounds of proof to back up everything that I claim as we fight for the survival of the United States, both upon its founding principles and a return to them and as a beacon to the world that will lift up all of humanity. But you the citizen must pick up the fork and get to work if you decide to join the fight to save our nation, our citizens, and your children from the financial criminals who are stealing us blind.

As you work to educate yourself to the truth you will discover, among many many things which “The Matrix” will never tell you:

  • United States Notes – How they are vastly superior in every way to the Federal Reserve Notes which you currently carry in your wallet.
  • How the nation, the state, and you can have their wealth increased by 40% through the replacement of Federal Reserve Notes by United States Notes.
  • How Federal Reserve Notes cheat and swindle both you and your children of your labor and savings.
  • How, if you are An American working in America, there is no law which requires you to either file a tax return or to pay income tax.
  • What the real reason is that you pay a personal income tax – Hint: It is NOT to support the nation.
  • How United States Notes will stop the need for 2 parents to work to support a family, will stabilize prices, will secure your retirement savings, and much much more.
  • How state budget deficits, such as the current $30 billion + deficit in California, can be solved both with United States Notes and a additional ” Matrix ” covered up secret known as CAFR’s – Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports.

Hence, welcome to TRUTH.USA.ORG.

Please spread the message of our site and tell your friends of our work. The two biggest financial crimes in history can be stopped and you, your family, the state, and the nation can experience a prosperity that the founders of our nation envisioned but only if we as citizens band together to fight and defeat the total corruption which has seized control of our nations monetary and financial systems.

Victory can be achieved but not by sitting on the sidelines. Only by organizing our citizens and spreading the word of both the crimes against them and the solutions to the problem can we reach that wonderful future day where our nation will be free from the financial parasites who currently place our citizens in economic slavery. What are we willing to do to rescue both ourselves and, especially, our children from economic and financial slavery?

Welcome to the movement which is building toward that wonderful day of economic freedom!

TRUTH about the Matrix

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