From a White Guy to Black Americans

You are CHUMPS

Dear Black Americans – If this letter does not apply to you then good.  I am happy for you.

You will have escaped The Plantation Masters and their ” House Negroes,” Uncle and Aunt Toms’, and all of the other backstabbers, traitors, and totally evil people, all of whom have something to gain ( ” a cut of the action ” ) by betraying you and keeping you a slave, that I shall document.

I hence write this letter to your fellow blacks who, unfortunately, it does apply to and to them I say ” You are not only still a slave, and this far far more than ever, but you are a CHUMP ( noun – a foolish or easily deceived person ).”

Now I am going to be your friend.  I will explain how and why you are a chump and a slave.  Then if you want to be free, and ( especially ) to have your children free, you can, if you choose to, begin to understand how to do so.  If you decide that you don’t want freedom you will simply be stupid ( adj. – lacking intelligence or common sense ).

First, to ever escape your chump slavery you must know how and why you are a chump.  To do this you MUST understand some history to have the slightest chance to ever be free.

If you don’t want to learn how and why you are a slave and what you are up against – your enemies, their purposes and plans, and ( especially ) your weaknesses and how they defeat you time and again – then you deserve to be a slave; permanently.

So don’t be stupid.  Listen up.

Throughout recorded history people have, because of their fallen nature as described in The Bible, claimed their inherent superiority over others for many reasons inclusive of skin color.

Have Caucasians claimed to be superior to blacks due to skin color?  Yes.  But how did this belief gain any power in culture, society, or nations; especially in our time?  The answer to this question, and also why you are a chump, follows.  So – pay attention!!!

  1. Charles Darwin – not the first to be used to support racism but a person of overwhelming importance in the promotion, establishment, and ( especially ) the institutionalism ( permanency and power ) of it.

How?  By writing his world renowned book; the full title of which is ” On the Origin of Species by means of Natural Selection or the preservation of favored races in the struggle for life.”

Take a guess who the ” favored races ” were, and still are.

His Theory of Evolution was claimed to provide the ” scientific proof ” of why and how Caucasians were considered to be superior to blacks.

The result of Darwin was 2 developments – A) ” Social Darwinism ” – the practical application to culture and society of the declaration by the supporters of the Theory of Evolution of the now ” scientifically ” demonstrated superiority of Caucasians to blacks; and B) ” Eugenics,” also known as ” Race Science ” and the basis of both experiments to breed ideal citizens, as in Nazi Germany, and ( especially ) eliminate those considered ” non-favored;” i.e.; you.

2) How?  This, my black friends, is VERY important and to understand this you MUST understand Parson Malthus, whose ideas are as follows –

Imagine a table.

At one end of the table is seated Caucasians who consider, due to the Theory/Religion of Evolution ( survival of the fittest – them and NOT you ), themselves the superior race.  We will call them The Superiors.

At the other end of the table are seated the non-Caucasians; those who the Caucasians, both of that time and ( especially ) their current descendants, consider inferior ( NOT ” favored ” or ” fittest ” ) races.  We will call them The Inferiors.  They include you ( and every other black person, except for their House Negroes and Uncle and Aunt Toms ) – today.

Between the 2 groups on the table is all of the food in the world.

Now, my friends, the Malthusian, ( VERY important ) anti-Christian, philosophy/religion is that The Inferiors ( you ) are too stupid to grow any food.  Their ONLY ability is to multiply; like rabbits.

So what will happen?

The Inferiors ( you ) multiply and eat all of the food on their half of the table after which they then cross over to the other half of the table and eat all of the food of The Superiors.

The eventual and inevitable result?  The Superiors starve because of the multiplication ( too many ) of The Inferiors ( you ).

The problem of The Superiors?  How do they protect their Superior genes, their ” Superiorness,” which they claim ” Evolution ” gave to them, from being overwhelmed by their Inferior ( you ) opponents?

Well, my black friends, the answer to the problem of The Superiors was that the numbers of The Inferiors ( you ) must be controlled and limited in any way possible.

What does that mean for you?

It means that, as documented at, there was a massive movement throughout our society and culture to limit the number of Inferiors ( you ).

To achieve that The Superiors/Plantation Masters used one of their very best agents/lackeys/supporters – Margaret Sanger; who wrote in her own words, not mine but hers, that black people are ” human weeds.”

Margaret Sanger founded the Birth Control Federation of America.  Behind the cover story of supposedly benefitting women the real agenda/plan of attacking Inferiors ( you ) could, and would, be implemented.

After World War II the Eugenics ( Race Science ) beliefs of The Superiors and their happy lackey Sanger had to be repackaged and remarketed as ” Planned Parenthood ” to escape the bad public relations which resulted from their open connection to the genocide of Eugenics ( millions killed ) and its growth in power.

3) Go to  You will learn the history and real purpose of Planned Parenthood.  You will learn of ” The Negro Project.”

Bottom Line – From the first second of its existence Planned Parenthood has been a weapon of The Plantation Masters to attack humanity overall and especially the black community.  To stop as many Inferiors ( you ) as possible from being born.

Their ” cover story ” is that they are a ” health clinic.”  Their real purpose is, and always has been, to attack the enemies of The Superiors; i.e.; The Inferiors – you.

4) A) What political party supported slavery before the Civil War?  Answer – The Democratic Party.

B) What political party supported slavery during the civil war?  Answer – The Democratic Party.

C) What political party supported slavery after the Civil War?  Answer – The Democratic Party.

D) What political party founded the Ku Klux Klan and supported it through all of its years?  Answer – The Democratic Party.

E) What political party brought a Ku Klux Klan movie, Birth of a Nation, to the White House where it debuted and was supported by the President ( Wilson ) and his entire cabinet?  Answer – The Democratic Party.

F) What political party opposed the Civil Rights Act and any civil rights legislation?  Answer – The Democratic Party.

G) What political party openly opposed voting rights for black voters throughout the majority of the history of the country?  Answer – The Democratic Party.

H) What political party openly supported segregation throughout the mass majority of the history of the country?  Answer – The Democratic Party.

Now, my black friends, here is the BIG question!  The lives of generations of black citizens to come depend on YOU seeing this simple truth : What political party; to this day, this minute, this second; totally supports, in every possible way, Planned Parenthood – the greatest killing machine of blacks in the history of the United States?  Answer – The Democratic Party.

My black friends, the picture at the beginning of the article shows 6 black men being lynched.  A tragedy?  Yes.  A crime?  Absolutely.  But, my black friends, Planned Parenthood has killed literally MILLIONS of blacks.  They have killed AT LEAST these 6 blacks times one million!!!

Think of ONE MILLION trees with 6 blacks, men AND WOMEN, lynched on each tree and you will START to get close to just HALF of the number of blacks killed by Planned Parenthood and its partners in the Abortion Industry.  A fantastic continuing victory for The Plantation Masters.

Why ” continuing?”

Because you, as the chumps that you are, are such good slaves that The Plantation Masters no longer need to hunt you down and catch you before they kill you.

No, no, no.

Instead you are so well trained and so obedient to your Masters ( such good slaves ) that you go to the killing centers of The Superiors, known as abortion clinics, to sacrifice your children and your future.

The killing centers that are totally supported, endorsed, and defended by the Democratic Party – the party totally controlled by The Plantation Masters and which you, like an obedient kicked dog ( and like the chumps that you are ), grovel and crawl before to get its approval.

Can you finally get a clue of what has happened to you?

You see, my black friends, your Plantation Master rulers knew they had to train you properly, like lab rats or Pavlovs dogs, to get you to kill your own children.

They knew that to keep you as slaves they need to break your entire culture, especially the black family.  So they have used Social Engineering ( psychological manipulation of people into performing actions ) to, as easy as a pretzel, break you and they use their ” House Negroes,” just like in ” The Negro Project ” described at, to keep you as obedient slaves.

Bottom Line – You are chained in your mind and soul 1,000 times better than any physical chains could hold you.

The Plantation Masters handsomely reward the House Negroes ( Negro Project graduates ) who keep you from ” getting uppity ” and trying to stop them.

House Negroes, TOTAL supporters of your greatest enemy Planned Parenthood which has killed MILLIONS of you in service to The Superiors, like – Kamala Harris, Barbara Lee, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Valerie Jarrett, Hillary Clinton, and the biggest House Negro of all – Barack Obama.

My black friends – how do you think Barack Obama got to be President?  Answer – The Superiors, The Plantation Masters, who are the people who control The Democratic Party, put him there.  The Superiors who groomed him for the job.  The Superiors who own him 1,000%.  The Superiors; the founders, promoters, and protectors of Planned Parenthood; who know that he totally supports the Abortion Industry and is hence the PERFECT person for the Negro Project job of betraying you – which he does EVERY day.

Just as Hillary Clinton, a 1,000%+ supporter of Planned Parenthood, also, as good as the best House Negro, betrays you EVERY day.

My black friends, you are a broken people.

Broken by your puppy dog allegiance to the very people and organizations which work to keep you forever wearing your chains.

Broken by your unknowing obedience to your Plantation Masters who have enslaved you – in your mind and soul.

Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson has written ” Scam : How the Black Leadership Exploits Black America.”  It tells how you have been betrayed – especially by yourself.  You see, my black friends, The Superiors know how to use Social Engineering to make you into chumps.

Chumps who –

will support the one organization, Planned Parenthood, which has killed more of you than any other in the history of the nation; and ( just like as planned in The Negro Project ) be an Uncle or Aunt Tom who will sell out, betray, and backstab your own brothers and sisters to that organization and to the Abortion Industry in return for crumbs ( money, prestige, approval ) from your Plantation Masters table; will defend your cowardliness and back stabbing of your own race in order to protect your sick self and your precious ” image;” i.e.; how you look; will support an open betrayer of your own people – Barack Obama, who is an open supporter of the Planned Parenthood genocidal black killing machine – and ignore his outright evil because your pride of his Presidency has priority over obedience to God to challenge and stop his corruption; will do the same thing with the countless House Negroes – Sharpton, Jackson, Harris, Clinton, and on and on and on – who keep you on the Plantation of Satan; will support the Uncle and Aunt Toms and House Negroes of Black Lives Matter – an organization controlled by The Superiors which, just like The Democratic Party, doesn’t give a DAMN about you.

My black friends, how many blacks are shot by white policemen FOR NO REASON?

I state ” FOR NO REASON ” because blacks, like Michael Brown in Ferguson, can be stupid enough, as he was, to attack white policemen who are doing their job.  FACT – there was NO ” hands up, don’t shoot ” involved in his death.

But is there a case of a white policeman shooting a black man with no justification?

Answer : In my opinion yes – Michael Slager shooting Walter Scott in South Carolina.

And although not a shooting I also consider the death of Eric Garner in New York as a case of excessive force by police.

But for the sake of this argument let us say that both men were shot.  And further let us say that, although not the slightest shred of evidence to support this statement exists, that the actual number of blacks shot by white policemen is not 2 but rather 200 – or 100 times our original number of 2.

Now, my black friends, a FACT – as horrific as such a number ( 200 ) would be if it actually did exist it is STILL less than 16 MILLION – the number of blacks killed by Planned Parenthood and The Abortion Industry since the Roe vs Wade Supreme Court ruling.

As BlackGenocide,org documents, on average of over 1,800 black children are destroyed by abortion EACH DAY.

So, my friends, I say to you that Black Lives Matter is a fake.  Completely and totally.

Have you EVER heard them protest the genocide of blacks by Planned Parenthood and The Abortion Industry?  NO.  And you never will as they were created by and are controlled by The Plantation Masters/Superiors ( the masters of genocidal racism ) as a political charade/stunt to accuse the Republican Party of racism in the 2016 elections – nothing more.

They will NEVER protest the greatest attacker and killer of blacks as they were created and are controlled by the same agents of The Plantation Masters that created and control Planned Parenthood.

They will NEVER protest the killing of blacks by blacks because they were created and are controlled by the same agents of The Plantation Masters who have Socially Engineered the breakdown and collapse of the black family unit ( which Black Lives Matter totally despises ) – the driving force behind black on black violence.

They will NEVER protest the Democratic Party for their total and absolute support of the greatest killer and enemy of the black community – Planned Parenthood.

Hence, my black friends, I hope that you can wake up and see that Black Lives Matter is a total fake.

For the same reasons and just like Jesse Jackson is a total fake.

For the same reasons and just life Al Sharpton is a total fake.

For the same reasons and just like Barack Obama is a total fake.

For the same reasons and just like Hillary Clinton is a total fake.

My black friends – These 4 supposed defenders of your community, these 3 ” brothers ” and 1 ” sister,” are 1,000%+ completely aligned with Planned Parenthood – the greatest enemy and killer of your community in the history of the nation.

They are 100% ” bought and paid for ” by The Plantation Masters.

They have SOLD YOU OUT!!!!

Bottom Line – My friends, you will NEVER escape your slavery – you will be slaves for generations to come – unless and until you WAKE UP!!!! and see that you are giving power to your oppressors.

The Power to keep you on their Plantation – permanently.

The Power to rule/chain/enslave your mind and soul – permanently.

The Power to give your children and inferior education ( working to make and keep them dumb – permanently.

The Power to break your families – permanently.

The Power to have you sacrifice your own children on their altar – permanently.

The Power to have you kill each other – permanently.

Yes, my black friends – when you support the Democratic Party, or any other party or anyone else who supports Planned Parenthood, you are supporting the very people who are the greatest oppressors, enemies, and killers of your community.

The very people who claim to be your friends – but only to get close enough to plunge a knife in your back.

My friends – your entire community is being ” lynched ” EVERY DAY!!!

You just don’t realize and understand how you, by your support of these groups who are totally created and controlled by The Plantation Masters, are putting the noose around the neck of yourself and ( especially ) your children.

So, my friends, I could say more but I hope that you get at least a glimmer of how bad, extensive, and super huge your slavery is.  In fact a negative reaction and resistance to this message is an indicator of how deep your personal slavery is.

I have just begun to describe the problem.

So what is the solution?

It will be long, hard, and very difficult but, for a beginning, to break the chains which the Plantation Masters have set upon you –

  1. You must realize that the organization known as Planned Parenthood is the deadly enemy of your community.  They, and the entire Abortion Industry, are totally dedicated to the permanent breakage, enslavement, and ruin of the black family and black community.

Therefore you must reject, and revolt against, any and all Planned Parenthood manifestations and their supporters in any manner – no matter how much they lie and claim that they will actually benefit you or the black community as a whole.

B) You must completely reject the Democratic Party in any and all manifestations as, by its 1,000% support of Planned Parenthood, it is, totally opposite to any of its claims, a deadly enemy of your community.  It is completely controlled by The Plantation Masters.  Its’ allegiance, loyalty, and devotion is totally to your oppression and NOT ( and NEVER ) to you.

I did NOT say go to the Republican Party.  Their ” establishment ” has NO objection to the genocide of Planned Parenthood.  They are simply not rabid 1,000%+ supporters of Planned Parenthood as is The Democratic Party.

For the record I am in the Constitution Party – the ONLY remaining political party which will fully fight the genocide of Planned Parenthood.

C) You must repent to, and come back to, God; i.e.; come back to true Christianity.

Christianity, God, vs anti-Christianity, The Enemy of God ( TEOG ); i.e.; Satan/Lucifer.

The Plantation Masters are ALL anti-Christian.  Their allegiance, love, and loyalty is to The Enemy of God.

So also is their creation known as The Democratic Party.  It is 1,000% completely in rejection of Christianity and in total allegiance to its opposite, the Religion of Humanism.  Period.

The combined forces of The Plantation Masters and their weapons of Planned Parenthood, the Abortion Industry, and The Democratic Party have worked ceaselessly to destroy your families and your community in countless ways inclusive of just killing you.

They know that to keep you as the slaves that you are, and permanently, they must break your spiritual connection to God – the source ( Living Waters ).

They know that you will take your children to be sacrificed on their altars only when you are broken in your soul.

That is why they started The Negro Project so long ago – to break your pastors, and any other possible leaders, so they could poison your connection to your Creator.  The Negro Project has produced so-called ” ministers;” total fakes like Jackson, Sharpton, and many others; who will guide you into the clutches of their Plantation Masters Humanist Religion controllers at Planned Parenthood.  They will betray you and the entire black community for their own ” 30 pieces.”

My friends – You can’t win this war for your very life and your very soul, and the lives and souls of generations to come, without aligning first with the greatest power in the universe – the God who created you.

When you lose your pride and seek His divine intervention then He can guide you to freedom, true freedom, for yourself and for the generations of backs who follow.

He can give you the strength to first oppose and then defeat the forces of your greatest enemies.

D) You can read the book ” Scam ” by Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson and gain an understanding of how agents of The Plantation Masters like Jackson and Sharpton have sold you out.

My friends, before you can act to save the generations of blacks to come you must see clearly how you have been betrayed by so many of your enemies who have pretended to be your friends.

You can understand how they have broken your soul and how they gain power by keeping it broken.

I write this to you as your friend.

Only your friends will care enough for you to tell you the truth – no matter how bitter and hard it is.

Only your friends will do that because they know you will never be free without it.

But your friends can only give you the truth.

You must unshackle your own chains.

I can only give you the truth but you must want to see it.

You are on the battlefield in a spiritual war and it is your choice whether you will have freedom in The Kingdom of God or forever slavery, and the deaths of millions more of your brothers and sisters, under the tyranny of The Enemy of God and Its Plantation Masters – your current rulers, overseers, and executioners.

For the sake of your generations to come – please stop being chumps.

Don J. Grundmann, D.C.