All people are equal

Government Funded Racism In The 21st Century – How it Destroys America and How to Stop it

“We do not want the word to get out that we want to exterminate the Negro population.”
–  quote from a famous American citizen named at the end of this essay.

Dear Citizen:

While the main issues of this campaign are the financial and monetary raping of the citizens of our nation through the utter corruption of both theFederal Reserve System and the Internal Revenue Service there are many other problems of great magnitude facing our nation. One of these is racism and because of ” The Matrix ” ( the collective mass of media within our nation and their controllers which we discussed in our opening article on this site and in other areas ) and their imposed blackout of the following information you will not have heard of the type of racism which I shall here discuss nor why it is the worst type of racism to exist, and flourish to this day, in America. To explain this hidden crisis in America I must first give a short history lesson so that the beginnings and development of the problem are clearly understood.

History is full of wars of every sort by people of every type upon perceived enemies for any reason. It is a long and sad tale of attackers who claimed, among other reasons, superiority over their targets as a justification for their attack and their subsequent enslavement of their victims. The first real so-called ” scientific ” explanation of such reasons and occurances came about because of the work of Charles Darwin.

The creation of Social Darwinism and its influence upon history

Charles Darwin, a English scientist, wrote his most famous book, entitled ” The Origin of Species,” in 1859. Among its principle ideas were that superior species, as defined by characteristics which they inherited through the generations, would triumph over inferior species, those who did not inherit or develop the survival skills which had been obtained by their ” Superior ” competitors. Due to this inherent, and growing over time, genetic superiority of one group over another it was hence the ” natural order ” of nature that those species with superior characteristics would live and continue their posterity line through the generations while their inferior competitors would die as a result of their lack of genetic equality. The 2 terms which encapsulated this philosophy were :

  1. survival of the fittest ( only the superiors would survive ); and
  2. the law of the jungle ( the inferiors would be killed by the superiors as a natural consequence of their weakness ).

In relationship to war throughout history the arguments of Darwin were taken by the elite royalty classes of Darwin’s time ( who happened to be caucasian ) and interpreted as follows in both quasi-religious and ” scientific ” terms :

We as white caucasians are rich and hence the natural rulers of the world according to the theories of Darwin. We are the Superior ” cream of the crop ” of humanity while those who are weaker and/or poorer ( generally any non-white person but including some caucasians such as Irish, Catholics, and others ) are inferior to us in their ” genetic quality ” and in the value which they can pass on to future generations of humanity. We ( the Superiors ) have a duty not only to promote the best of humanity ( us ) by encouraging the growth of our gene stock ( making more Superiors ) but we also have a duty to ” protect nature ” and to ” help ” the natural process by stopping the breeding of those who are inferior to us, both for the good of nature and for the sake of the inferior people themselves.

It was this general religious/scientific belief system which was promoted as ” Social Darwinism ” – the practical application of the theories of Darwin to the ” problems ” of society and culture as perceived by those who felt that they belonged to the ” Superior ” class of humanity. Of course for this group of people simple making a theory was nothing without a plan of action to bring their theory into reality. Hence it was from the movement of Social Darwinsm that the ” science ” of Eugenics was developed.

Race Science – a Raid can for humanity

Eugenics, also known as ” race science,” postulated that humanity could be improved by selective breeding. The phrases which sum this up best are – ” More from the fit and less from the unfit,” and ” To Build A Race Of Throughbreds.” Both statements were formulated by one of the leaders of the eugenics movement – a female named Margaret Sanger – and they precisely stated the aims of the Social Darwinist movement which viewed ” Inferiors ” ( non-whites and those caucasians who were, and still are, considered to be ” white trash ” – Irish, Catholics, etc. ) as no better than bugs who had to be stepped on, sprayed for, and killed lest they overrun their ” Superior ” masters due to sheer numbers. For it was the eugenics movement ( founded by the Social Darwinists ) that created not only tactics such as sterilization ( without their permission or even knowledge ) of non-whites within the United States and laws to prevent the intermarriage of different races ( in order to protect, as a doctrine of the Social Darwinists, the ” purity ” of the races ) but they additionally inspired the most well known example in history of the practical application of Social Darwinism – the race science program of Nazi Germany.

For the Social Darwinists, above and beyond being the financial backers and supporters of Adolph Hitler in both his rise to power and the following growth of the Nazi Empire and war machine ( the topic of another article ), found a avid believer in Hitler who attempted to apply the theories of Social Darwinism to his own nation – specifically in his breeding attempt to mutliply blue eyes and blond haired ” Aryans ” of ” pure race ” in order to carry on the Social Darwinist racial foundations of the Third Reich in its attempt to last ” 1,000 years.” Hence Hitler followed both parts of the Social Darwinist program – make more ” Superiors ” ( breed more ” Aryan ” babies ) and eliminate as many ” Inferiors ” as possible. It is the elimination of these ” Inferiors ” which is seen in the concentration camps, the ovens, the ” showers ” ( gas chambers ), and countless other Nazi methods of killing. And it is this killing, the World War II example of the greatest mass killing in history ( to that time ), which brings us to our present day.

Race Science in the Year 2003

The defeat of Germany by the allies of World War II was a militarydefeat. The ideas of the Nazis were NOT defeated.

For as a result of the military fall of the Nazi Empire their ideas such as eugenics became very unpopular once the ovens and other leftovers of the concentration camps were discovered. No longer could the Social Darwinists count on the ability of their lackeys to simply box-car large numbers of their enemies to concentration camps or to other mass killing centers for their extermination. They, only having had their Nazi surrogates defeated and not themselves, had to find another way to accomplish their objectives. The result of this was the foundation by that supreme Social Darwinist who we earlier mentioned, Margaret Sanger, of Planned Parenthood.

Margaret Sanger was one of the greatest racists in history. The earlier quotes I mentioned from her – ” More from the fit and less from the unfit ” and ” To create a race of throughbreds ” ( the masthead of her newspaper ) were only 2 out of many comments by this foaming at the mouth hater of non-whites which demonstrated her utter contempt for whole classes of humanity. But while Ms. Sanger despised such groups she, as a true Social Darwinist, was not simply sitting on her beliefs. She instead, in coordination with her Social Darwinist supporters, such as Averell Harriman ( a famous railroad heir of great wealth and a scion and pillar of the Democratic Party ) and the Rockefeller family, formed a action plan to continue where the Nazis left off. Rather than box-car people off and kill them outright the better long term plan of having them kill themselves via abortion and ” family planning ” was developed.

For while the modern public relations spin regarding abortion is that it is for ” women’s rights ” ( we’re here to ” help ” you ) the truth is that Margaret Sanger and her Social Darwinist friends originally championed abortion with the purpose of killing as many of their enemies – non-white and ” white trash ” children – as possible. The purpose, both then and now, was that if you kill your enemies children you kill your enemies future. Ms. Sanger and her fellow ” Superiors ” make sure to this day that their ” Inferior ” opponents are minimally controlled and ideally eliminated via abortion around the world ( known as ” international family planning ” outside of the United States ).

Hence due to ” The Matrix ” ( the mass media and its ” Superior ” controllers ) the real history and purpose of Planned Parenthood, a purpose which has NEVER CHANGED, is blacked out of the media and hence kept from the knowledge of the mass majority of the public. As a result 35% of all abortions are of black children while black citizens compose only 12% of the population of the United States. Is this a accident or coincidence? I say NO. It is neither. It is instead the targeted continuation of the outrageous anti-human program of Margaret Sanger which she developed so many years ago. A program that leads Planned Parenthood to not only give awards in her name but to claim that they are following in her footsteps – the footsteps of one of the greatest racists in history.

A Call to Battle

As a candidate for election to the United States Senate I claim the following :

No government funding of any type should go to any group such as Planned Parenthood ( they receive millions in government funds every year ) which was founded upon the worst and most outrageous racist arguments and stereotypes and whose base philosophies where founded upon the literal killing of countless of their perceived enemies of many different racial and religious groups;

No state or local community funds should go to any such organizations such as Planned Parenthood for the reasons cited above;

The existence of organizations withi the United States which are based on the racism of Social Darwinism must be ended.

These are the foundations and reasons of the ALL PEOPLE ARE EQUAL campaign.

ALL PEOPLE ARE EQUAL declares the following :


  • There is no such thing as biological superiority of any race over another.
  • All races are biologically equal.
  • Any government,organization, or singular person who proclaims or supports in any way the theory that biological superiority of one race over another exists is a enemy of humanity and is to be exposed and philosophically confronted and opposed at every possible opportunity.
  • The United States government should at no time, and in no possible circumstance, allow any monies from the public treasury, in any manifestation whatsoever, to go to any organization which was founded upon and/or expresses in any way support of any degree for the philosophical program known as Social Darwinism or any of its possible or current manifestations.
  • The organization known as Planned Parenthood, being founded upon the principles of Social Darwinism and by known supporters of Social Darwinism and its most egregious and outrageous attacks against humanity, must be totally eliminated from all government funding of any type, circumstance, or possibility in all venues inclusive of national, state, and local considerations.
  • Planned Parenthood, being founded upon the principles of Social Darwinism and by known supporters of Social Darwinism and its most egregious and outrageous attacks against humanity, is, as a organization, a enemy of humanity in its philosophy and purposes of existence and hence must be shunned by and ejected from the community of humanity wherever, and in whatever way, it attempts to express and inject its anti- humanity poison into civilization.


Racism, and especially government support and funding of it must be eliminated. Any organization whose founder can write :

“We do not want the word to get out that we want to exterminate the Negro population”

as Margaret Sanger did, is a enemy of humanity and hence of our nation. While we in our time piddle around with supposedly racist statements by Senator Trent Lott of ant size the far greater Mount Everest sized racism of Planned Parenthood continues attacking both the non-white communities of our nation, and the nation as a whole, every day.

Every day 1,452 black children, enemies of Planned Parenthood and its founders, controllers, and supporters by their own declaration and actions, are killed. This doesn’t even count the thousands upon thousands ( totaling literally millions each year ) of their other racial group enemies that the Social Darwinists continue to kill via their attack machine upon and against the communities of our nation – the abortion clinics which are the modern day Social Darwinist human pesticide centers of our times.

ALL PEOPLE ARE EQUAL declares that now is the time to stop the racism of Social Darwinism – once and for all.

America, and humanity, is counting on us to do the job.

Don J. Grundmann, D.C., M.H.

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