What I will do

What I will do when elected

Upon my election to the Senate the battle lines of the financial and monetary future of our citizens and nation will be drawn for the final showdown –

Will a ultra corrupt governmental agency, the IRS, continue to lie to the American people regarding the income tax?

Will it continue to steal the hard earned money of our citizens and pay it to a ultra corrupt central banking cartel?

Will that banking cartel continue to issue our currency to us and charge us interest for the ” privilege?”

Will that banking cartel continue to inflate our currency, thus depreciating its value and stealing that value difference from our citizens both now and in the future?

No, these things will not happen. I will stop them.

In the first minute after my election to office I will begin a national campaign regarding the truth about the IRS and the FED. I will introduce legislation to abolish the FED and replace it with the issuance of interest free United States Notes as our new currency which are issued by a committee of the United States Treasury. Please see ” The Truth In Money Book” in the Books section of this site for a complete explanation of the problem of Federal Reserve Notes ( the green paper which you carry around and think of as ” money ” ) and the solution of United States ( interest free ) Notes. As explained in this book and in numerous other references at this site this single act will bring about a wave of true and real prosperity upon this nation such as has been scarcely imagined.

The end of the FED will mean the end of the IRS – the enforcement arm ( leg breakers ) of the American Mafia. I will expose the utter corruption of the IRS completely and will see that they are stopped once and for all.

The end of the IRS will also be accompanied by the end of the judicial corruption which supports, sustains, and endorses it. I fully support the Judicial Accountability Initiative Law. Please see the Jail4Judges link in the Links section of this site for a greater explanation.