Dear Citizen:

Here is a quick list of my stands on the many issues which our nation is facing.
–  Don

Abortion – 100% Pro-life. Abolish all federal funding support of any organizations which advocate and/or perform abortions. Sue abortion providers to provide counseling fund for victims of abortion.

Child Molestation – Child molesters, the national group called NAMBLA is a example, have formed powerful groups with chapters in many cities of the nation. They are protected and nurtured by very powerful economic and political forces. These groups must be exposed and destroyed by law enforcement.

Education – Abolish the Federal Department of Education. Return to state and local control of education. Encourage home schooling. Encourage abandonment of public school system to provide pressure for system reformation – change or else.

Energy Development – Promote development of nuclear power. Continue development of full nuclear fuel cycle. Continue development of nuclear fusion. Promote development of modular nuclear power units. Use tax incentives for development and expansion of solar power and technology. Use tax incentives for development of hydrogen fuel cycle.

Family Wage – Develop family wage ( ability of one wage earner to support a family ) by abolishing Federal Reserve System and Federal Reserve Notes ( debt money ) and replacing them with U.S. Treasury System ( see ” Truth in Money Book ” in books section ) and interest free United States Notes.

Federal Reserve System – Abolish. Replace with U.S. Treasury Control as described in ” Truth In Money Book.” Replace current Federal Reserve Notes ( interest bearing debt-money ) with United States Notes ( non-interest bearing ). See ” The Truth About The Fed ” article/Pill on the homepage of this website.

Foreign Aid – Begin phased withdrawal from foreign aid except for humanitarian purposes.

Foreign Policy – Oppose development of ” New World Order ” in any and all manifestations. Encourage development of sovereign republics as with our own nation. Apply foreign policy principles of President Washington. Encourage all nations to obtain our standard of living and aid them in achieving this goal.

Free Trade – ” Free Trade ” is a economic myth that does not truly exist due to control of the marketplace by economic elites who use this concept as a hammer to destroy domestic industry and economies throughout the world. It must be opposed by the development of tariffs for the development and protection of domestic manufacturing and industry.

Global warming – Global warming is a hoax and fraud designed for the destruction of industry and manufacturing within the nation with the subsequent destruction of the middle class and workers of the nation.

Globalization – This is the name for the corporate dominance of government which will lead into the development of the dictatorial, tyrannical, and anti-American ” New World Order.” Prosperity levels of all nations around the world can be raised by application of tariffs to develop and protect domestic industry – the opposite of the intention and result of ” globalization,” a doctrine which should be resisted in any manifestation as it is, by its result of draining industry and jobs from our country, in reality a attack upon the economic power of our nation.

Health care – Regain ability of citizen to pay for health care by not stealing his/her purchasing power – abolish the IRS, stop the fraud of the income tax, stop inflation and deterioration of the dollar by replacing the Federal Reserve System with the honest money of interest-free United States Notes. Repeal prescription drug benefits bill. Promote new health paradigm of natural healing and preventative health care. Ban vaccination to stop development of long term degenerative diseases.

Homosexual marriage – Ban all homosexual marriage.

Immigration – Stop all immigration. After complete review reinstitute controlled and greatly reduced immigration program. Seal border with Mexico to stop all illegal immigration. Deport all illegal aliens.

Internal Revenue Service – Abolish. Prosecute knowledgeable governmental employees for their protection of and complicity in the scandal of the IRS. See ” Truth About The IRS ” article/Pill on the homepage of this website.

Iraq – Begin phased withdrawal of troops.

Israel/Palestinian relations – Institute joint economic development program with emphasis on water systems, energy development, and general economic infrastructure. Provide economic development incentive for peaceful relations between opposing factions.

Living Wage – This is a completely fraudulent idea because it does nothing to deal with the real cause of the problem – the corrupt Federal Reserve System which is stealing the purchasing power of our money. The solution to the problem of rising costs is true reform of the money system – the replacement of debt-money Federal Reserve Notes with interest-free United States Notes and the abolishment of the Federal Reserve System with its replacement by a U.S. Treasury System as described in ” The Truth In Money Book ” ( see book section ). These reforms will produce a true ” Family Wage ” ( see above and in article in the economics section of this website ).

Manufacturing – Structure corporate tax laws to provide severe penalties and disincentives for locating domestic manufacturing in foreign nations. Rebuild domestic manufacturing and industry in all facets by tariff development and tax incentives.

Media – Oppose the consolidation of the media into mega-corporations.

Mexico – Mexico should be encouraged to achieve our standard of living but not by exporting our factories to that nation and driving down the wage scales of our workers via illegal immigration. Mexico should be aided to develop their own industrial base while we retain ours.

Money – Replace fraudulent and corrupt Federal Reserve Notes with honest money of interest free United States Notes. See article/Pill ” The Truth About Money ” on the homepage of this website.

NAFTA – Repeal.

NATO – Has outlived its purpose and should be dismantled.

Palestinian State – Oppose.

Racism – Ban all funding to Planned Parenthood. Refer to homepage article/Pill – ” All People Are Created Equal.”

Second Amendment – Affirm that the 2nd Amendment protects the right of the singular citizen to keep and bear arms.

Social Security – Social Security is a ” Ponzi Scheme ” that would land an ordinary citizen in jail if they tried to run such a scam. There is no money in the Social Security fund. It has all been stolen by the government to pay for their overspending. The money has been replaced by IOU’s. Even Congress will not take Social Security. They give this inferior and fraudulent system to the people. Begin phased withdrawal from system. Replace with general economic prosperity produced by changing from Federal Reserve Notes to United States Notes and abolition of Internal Revenue Service.

State fiscal deficits – Develop tariffs for protection and nurturing of domestic industry. Reject and oppose “globalization” corporate scams which lead to the loss of our national manufacturing and industrial economy.

Tariffs – Reinstitute tariffs for the protection and development of domestic industry.

Tax Cuts – All income taxes go to pay the fraudulent ” national debt ” to the private banking cartel of the Federal Reserve System. Eliminate income taxes by returning control of money creation and issuance to the Treasury Department by creating interest-free United States Notes.

United Nations – Withdraw from U.N. Eject U.N. from U.S. soil.

Vaccines – Ban all vaccinations of children until complete and verified safety and effectiveness studies have been performed. Initiate studies of the connection between vaccination and long-term disease development.

War on Terror – Repeal Patriot Act. Seal Mexican border to stop entry of terrorists. Expose profiteers of 9-11. Stop domestic government terrorism by Internal Revenue Service and other governmental agencies. Stop drug money laundering by banks.