Why I am running

Dear Citizen:

As a candidate for United States Senate, my main issue  is stopping the 2 biggest financial scandals in the history of the United States; scandals which continue to this very moment and which are :

1. The total corruption of the Federal Reserve System, known as the ” FED ” and which I refer to as the ” American Mafia,” which is a PRIVATE BANKING CARTEL ( a fact unknown by the mass majority of Americans who instead believe it to be a branch of the Federal government ) that LOANS the current currency of the nation ( which you will find when you read the top of them are referred to as ” Federal Reserve Notes ” ) back to the nation ( after they are printed by the United States Treasury Department ) AT INTEREST.

The end result of this process is what you as a citizen know as the ” National Debt ” – the cumulative amount of principle and interest which the nation supposedly ” owes ” to the private banking cartel of the “FED.” While the term ” National Debt ” seems obscure and divorced from the actions of each citizen in their day to day work and struggle to provide for themselves and their families the reality is that the actions of the FED and the resultant ” National Debt ” have a profound, overwhelming, and very negative effect upon the lives of all citizens of our nation both every day and especially regarding the future of both they and their children and the generations to follow.

As explained more fully at other sections of this site ( see ” The Truth about Money ”  ) the ultimate result of the actions of the FED is that the entire nation is ” in hock ” to a private banking cartel which owns EVERYTHING, is above the power of the citizens of our supposedly ” free ” nation, and which operates as part of a ” super-government ” which is unaccountable to the citizens as it silently sucks the economic life from the citizens and the nation. The FED literally sucks hundreds of billions of dollars each year from the nation, money which could be used for countless vital needs of our citizens, through a criminal process which very few citizens understand as its actions are hidden by ” The Matrix ” ( see information on our home page regarding this phenomenon ).

2.  The total corruption of the Internal Revenue Service ( the ” IRS ” ) which acts as a collection arm for the American Mafia of the Federal Reserve System. The total corruption of the IRS can be proven by the following fact : for an American working in American there is NO law which requires you to either file a tax return of to pay income tax . If you can prove this is not true then you can go here – Freedom Law School at livefreenow.org – and earn minimally $100,000 and up to $300,000 for doing so.

Hence millions upon millions of hard working Americans, spending hours upon hours regarding ” tax returns ” and payment of amounts which they falsely believe they owe to the government, are being cheated and swindled of their wages, earnings, and savings by a ultra corrupt government agency which knows exactly what I have stated above – that there is no law requiring them to either file a return or to pay a tax. For the truth of these statements go to ” The Truth about the IRS ” , ” GiveMeLiberty.org ” in the Links section, and numerous other articles and links throughout the site.

So those are the main ( but not the only ) problems that this campaign will be addressing. So the next question is – Why me?

Why I am campaigning

At the time of this writing I am a 51 year old single, with no children, Doctor of Chiropractic and Herbalist practicing in San Leandro, California.

At approximately the age of 3 I contracted asthma which I had for the majority of my youth. At one time it was so severe that my parents were told that I had 6 months to live if the condition continued as it was. I eventually spent 2 years in asthmatic hospital/home in Denver from which I returned, in improved but still afflicted health, at the age of 12.

During the time of my illness I spent many hours in the hospital and hence out of formal school but I did do a great deal of studying during that time. This was due to the fact that my parents had gotten my brother an encyclopedia set. So while I was unable to play like other children I instead read the encyclopedia from cover to cover, both through the alphabet but additionally through yearly supplements which the book company supplied.

It was through this reading that I formed, correctly or not, an inherent belief in and of the country I lived in and of the world as a whole. If you had asked me what it was I could not put it into words as I did not at the time even have a realization of its presense but in retrospect it was this – The United States is the greatest nation in the history of the world. Although history shows countless wars and crimes against humanity the United States, as a beacon to the world, will be, and will provide, the solution to all of the problems of history. Hence, without realizing it, I had a childlike faith in my nation as a mystical ” good ” of history which would defeat any and all of the ” bad ” which attacked humanity through the centuries.

This is a belief, a myth, which would stay with me, even without my realization for many years to come – until it was proven wrong.


After becoming a Doctor of Chiropractic I attended many seminars both to increase my professional abilities and to aid me in my personal growth. After attending one such personal growth seminar and progressing through its organizational structure I attended a Sunday picnic for volunteer staff of the most recent course. At the end of the seminar a friend from the course said that he was going to visit a friend of his in the hospital. I knew this person little and of course I knew nothing of his friend and yet I asked to go with him to the hospital to see his friend. I did not realize it but this was a very fateful decision as it was a turning point in my life.

Arriving at the hospital I found my friend’s friend, I will refer to her as ” PF,” in what I describe, perhaps inadequately, as a semi-quadriplegic semi-paralytic condition. She was unable to speak except in low moans and had no ability to move. Her hands were held by braces as without such they would curl into tight fists and hence be extremely difficult to ” unwind.” Her legs and elbows were semi-bent and her whole body was quite rigid.

How had this happened???

Her doctors had no idea. They had run all imaginable tests upon her and had found nothing except for a possible reduction of her brain size which they attributed to a viral attack upon the brain. The prognosis – She would never recover and would spend the rest of her life in this condition.

I wondered – How and why had this happened??? The following is my discovery. Of course it cannot be ” proven ” and there will be countless scoffers who scorn my reasonings and findings. But I present it to you for your enlightenment, education, and understanding.

Human Nature

One night PF was with her boyfriend ( here referred to as ” BF ” ) and they were watching television. They were laying in separate sleeping bags on the living room floor. They went to sleep and BF later awoke to find her gone. He thought nothing of it at the time and went back to sleep. Awakening later he noticed she was still gone. Thinking nothing was unusual he went again back to sleep. Upon awakening again to find her gone he went to find her and found – She was lying face up in bed but in a completely curled fetal position; knees to chest and elbows completely bent with curled fists drawn to the shoulders. Her eyes were dilated and unresponsive. When I met her at the hospital her rigid body condition was the continuance of when BF had found her. And so the mystery – What had happened???

Modern medicine called it a brain ” syndrome ” – this being their name for a collection of symptoms which they had no idea for why they were either caused or how to correct them. With some questioning and listening I found what I believe to be the real reason.

Shortly before she was stricken PF had found that she was pregnant. BF had told her – ” Either the baby goes or I go.” And hence PF had a abortion.

Now up to this time if someone had asked me I would have responded that, regarding abortion, I was ” pro-choice.” I knew nothing about abortion but I knew the rhetoric of ” choice ” that undefined evil people were attacking ” women’s rights.” Not knowing exactly what those were I still would reflexly respond – ” Women’s rights? Of course they should have their rights! Who would want to take them away????” ” Pro-choice? Of course they should have ” choice!” Who would want to take their ” choice ” away??” And so I knew nothing of the true meaning of ” womens’ rights, ” ” choice,” etc. except for the propaganda which I had accepted from the indoctrination, via ” The Matrix,” around me. Now I was confronted with the reality of PF. And I understood immediately, and had my eyes open to reality, what had happened to her.

There are 2 great religious movements in history which have totally opposite value systems.Value 2 ( V2) says that human beings are simply evolved animals; nothing more. They are random collisions of atoms who and which have occurred totally by chance. They have no such thing as a soul because a soul does not exist. They are simply biological machines and they think, function, and ” live ” just like machines. They have no inherent value and any value which they may have can be taken away by a outside force at any time and for any reason. Value 1 ( V1) says the opposite. It says that human beings are and were created by a superior being, God, who created them as a level above the animals. It says that they are not simply random collisions of atoms but have instead been created on, and for a, purpose. It says that they are far more than biological ” machines;” that they are instead higher than machines because they have what no machine can have – a, God created, soul. They have a inherent value which cannot be taken away by a outside force for any reason.

Abortion is the expression of V2. It says that human beings are no different from machines. They have no inherent value and hence can be torn apart and thrown away like garbage at any time because, if someone, anyone, and for any reason, decides to do such there is no reason not to. There is no ” higher authority ” which can say that such a action is wrong. In fact there is no ” right ” or ” wrong.” V2 says that there are no set standards and absolutes for humanity. Man, as a random collision of atoms, is the highest form of existence. He needs no one to appeal to for guidance as there is no such thing as God. He himself is God. The V2 religious, and quasi-” scientific ” phrases which justify abortion are ” Survival of the Fittest ” and ” The Law of the Jungle.”

There is one problem with that. PF found out what that was. For human beings are indeed NOT simply animals. They are NOT soulless. And they, as created beings, DO have a essential connection with their Creator, their God. It is known as conscience. And this is what PF discovered.

For despite the indoctrination of The Matrix that abortion was and is no problem and had and has no consequences and was a simple ” medical ” procedure, etc. etc. etc. PF knew differently. She knew differently at the deepest part of her being; her soul. She had an inherent desire as a real woman, not a machine, to give birth to a child – her child. To raise her child with love – a love that no ” machine ” could ever possibly understand, reproduce, or have the slightest glimmer of. It was the desire of her soul – the REAL her – that longed for a child.

And now in the silence of her heart her conscience spoke to her. And the horror of what she had done struck her as if with a thunderbolt. And so she was found. As a car engine without oil so she herself had ” seized up ” in realization of the nightmare that she had killed her own child. Her own hopes. Her own life. Her own soul.

I describe this in a clinical fashion. For I place no blame upon PF. I place the blame for this tragedy on others and on other forces, such as the abortion industry ( and it is indeed a ” industry ” ). Yes, she was a participant in the death of her child but I view PF as swept along by a tide of history. For I myself had no understanding of the reality of abortion until I met her. I believed the same lies that she believed. The same lies which we are all taught and indoctrinated in by ” The Matrix.”

For once my eyes were opened by the tragedy of PF; and I have met countless women since who have also been exploited by the lies of the abortion/womens rights movement; I saw how callously, cruelly, and coldly she was dumped by that ” movement.” The ” womens movement ” claims abortion as a ” right ” but the PF’s of the world are an embarrassment to them and a exposure of the lies of the womens movement; a movement which inherently has V2 as their religious belief – that women are simply mechanical machines and have no soul. Hence why be bothered by an abortion? It is just a ” religious hangup.” Get over it! Or as was told by a abortion loving female to one crying woman who was attempting to get off the abortion table at the last moment – ” Shutup and take it like a man!!!”

You see dear citizen I say that women are not simply machines. I say that they do have souls. I say that they, like men, are created beings. I believe in V1. I believe that women do indeed have ” rights ” – the right to not be attacked by violence in any way; the right to be told the truth; the right to be treated as human beings. All of these rights ( and far more ) are, as with PF, violated by abortion as violence is used to kill the child of a woman, she is not told the truth of the abortion procedure or its results, and she is automatically – by being lied to – not treated as a human being.

I could, can, and will say much more about abortion at other portions of this site but my encounter with PF opened up a whole new world. For I was now confronted with a great evil which was attacking women. What was I to do???

Activism – and its consequences

My experience with PF opened my eyes to the reality of abortion; a reality which was far more expansive than my experience with her. I will refer you to other parts of this site for greater detail; most specifically ” All People Are Created Equal ” ; but as a quick synopsis I found the following :

The abortion movement is a long range attack upon humanity which is funded and driven by elite (ultra-rich; Rockefeller, Harriman, etc. ) believers in V2 ( known as ” Social Darwinists ” ) who have decided that their enemies ( mostly the non-white people of the earth ) must be minimally corralled ( contained ) and ideally destroyed – as in killed and exterminated. Abortion is one ( but not the only ) of their methods for achieving this goal. The mountain of evidence to prove this statement can be found beginning atblackgenocide.org ( see the links section of this site ) and extending through many other links at this site and informational sources at many other locations.

I hence joined the pro-life movement in an attempt to educate the public regarding the horrors and reality of abortion and also to stop the abortion and ( so-called ) pro-choice movement in its attacks upon women and humanity in general.

At this time I was in private practice as a Doctor of Chiropractic and I experienced what many Americans have come to fear – an IRS audit.

When I first received an audit notice in the mail I thought – ” What?? Oh great!!. What a fantastic waste of time!” But, not knowing any better and responding to my conditioning via ” The Matrix,” I gathered my receipts; which were all bundled, labeled, and correlated; and went down to my first audit.

I remember my first audit as being roughly like the second would be – my showing receipts upon request and being asked countless innane questions – ” How much money do you have in you pocket now?” How much do you normally have in your pocket?” How often do you use a credit card?” I thought – ” What in the world are these questions for? Just look at the receipts, see that they all tally up just as I have shown, and let me out of here!!!”

Hence my first audits were pains in the posterior but I gritted it out and, even though they were a tremendous waste of time, got through them.

Then, in January of 1990, I, wanting to take my activism for pro-life to a greater level, filed to seek election to the California State Assembly as a candidate of the Republican Party. Two weeks later I got yet another audit notice from the IRS. I believe that this audit was directly related to my activism as it, and all subsequent interactions with the IRS, would be nothing like my previous experience.

We can do whatever we want to do and you can’t stop it

I could write many things regarding my audit experience but I will instead crystallize the problem in its most open expression.

Having bundled all of my receipts together; each ( as before ) numbered, correlated, and catagorized, and with all figures doubled checked; I sent them to my ” auditor.” The result? I shortly received a postcard in the mail. It said that ALL of my receipts had been rejected in their entirety. How could this be?? I immediately jumped in the car and drove to the IRS headquarters. I was furious and intented to hang the agent from the window for whatever scam he was running yet I calmly shook hands with him and asked him what possible reason he had for rejecting all of my receipts which were both right in front of him and catagorized and calculated perfectly down to the last digit. His response – ” They have no life.”

I want to repeat his response here – ” They have no life.”

I immediately asked – ” What does that mean?” His response – ” They simply have no life.”

It was at this moment that I made my greatest mistake. In retrospect I would have started screaming, quite literally, for his superior and I would not have left the building without either a rational explanation or being arrested.

Instead I said to myself ” well, we will see what a judge thinks.” And I calmly walked out the door.

You see, dear citizen, at that precise moment I still believed in the myth that I had accepted so many years before as a child – that America was the epitomy of ” good.” That myth ( fable, lie ) had a, also unspoken, correlary – that all officers, governmental figures, JUDGES, etc. were also ” good;” i.e.- honest.

What I was to discover in the months and years ahead was that the agent I encountered knew that he could say and do what he did because he knew what I did not yet know – the utter corruption of both the entire IRS AND the judicial apparatus and conspiracy which both kept it in power and endorsed and allowed its utter corruption. He was by no means an isolated incident but instead represented the true core of the IRS – a ultra corrupt agency that could, and would, attack any citizen for their own reason(s) and back up such attack by judicial corruption. For ultimately I found that the ” judges ” that I was unconsciously relying on to save me from the corruption of the IRS were just as corrupt, if not more, than the IRS and its agents. Receipts which I could put right in front of their face could, and would, be, as with my IRS agent, rejected as if they did not exist. The experience was the legal equivalent of living in the ” Twilight Zone ” – where ” laws ” are not laws, receipts are not receipts, proof is not proof ( unless it is ), and the IRS, in alliance with a totally corrupted judicial and court system, can financially rape you despite any and all proof which you may have to prove your innocence of any and all charges against you.

Despite the proof of my innocence, which I still have to this day, I was driven into bankruptcy by the IRS on totally fraudulent charges and accusations. This time period included the Washington Congressional hearings on IRS corruption; hearings which produced IRS agents wearing ” We’re here to help ” buttons but, when the smoke blew away left the agency actually far more dangerous and corrupt because the public was now told that they were ” nicer.”

It was during this time of my financial raping that I discovered the truths which I tell via this website and the Mount Everest of information which backs up my discoveries – that there is in fact NO law which requires an American working in America to either file a tax return or to pay a income tax. As I mention above you can earn from $100,000 to $300,000 if you can prove that this is wrong.

I also discovered the real reason for the income tax. It has absolutely nothing to do with supporting the nation but it has everything to do with a criminal banking syndicate ( known as the FED ) which has taken control of our nation without firing a shot and which now rules us in every day and moment of our lives as we pay tribute to it, our conquerers, by ” renting ” our money from them. Please see ” The Truth about the FED,” ” The Truth about the IRS,” and ” the Truth about Money ” for the proofs of my claims.

What I will do when elected

Upon my election to the Presidency the battle lines of the financial and monetary future of our citizens and nation will be drawn for the final showdown –

Will a ultra corrupt governmental agency, the IRS, continue to lie to the American people regarding the income tax?

Will it continue to steal the hard earned money of our citizens and pay it to a ultra corrupt central banking cartel?

Will that banking cartel continue to issue our currency to us and charge us interest for the ” priviledge?”

Will that banking cartel continue to inflate our currency, thus depreciating its value and stealing that value difference from our citizens both now and in the future?

No, these things will not happen. I will stop them.

In the first minute after my election to office I will begin a national campaign regarding the truth about the IRS and the FED. I will introduce legislation to abolish the FED and replace it with the issuance of interest free United States Notes as our new currency which are issued by a committee of the United States Treasury. Please see ” The Truth In Money Book” in the Books section of this site for a complete explanation of the problem of Federal Reserve Notes ( the green paper which you carry around and think of as ” money ” ) and the solution of United States ( interest free ) Notes. As explained in this book and in numerous other references at this site this single act will bring about a wave of true and real prosperity upon this nation such as has been scarcely imagined.

The end of the FED will mean the end of the IRS – the enforcement arm ( leg breakers ) of the American Mafia. I will expose the utter corruption of the IRS completely and will see that they are stopped once and for all.

The end of the IRS will also be accompanied by the end of the judicial corruption which supports, sustains, and endorses it. I fully support the Judicial Accountability Initiative Law. Please see the Jail4Judges link in the Links section of this site for a greater explanation.