I am Don J. Grundmann, D.C., M.H., and I am seeking election to the United States Senate.

By usage of this site you will learn of the TWO GREATEST FINANCIAL SCANDALS in history; the Federal Reserve System and the personal income tax as it is fraudulently presented and enforced by the Internal Revenue Service; including their origin, their current status, how they affect you in each second of your life, how they negatively control you now, in your future, and as they also negatively affect the future of your children, and, most importantly, what you can do to stop them.

Of course there are many additional issues of vital importance to our nation and hence the financial scandals which I note above will, while being of major importance, be only two of many issues which this site will discuss as we will bring to you THE TRUTH on these and countless additional issues.

We will always back up what we say with facts which you can see and learn for yourself and this leads to one of the main differences between this website and any other political candidates website – we are an educational site.

This site is not created to show me hugging a baby or with various groups for simple political pictures but is instead built as a “meat and potatoes” website which means that we will provide you with a fantastic wealth of information that your “traditional media” of newspapers, magazines, television, radio, etc. will probably (except for the bravest outlets) never dare to touch upon for reasons which we shall explain. This site is built to aid and assist you in both countering, and leaving, what I term as “The Matrix.”