Why you should vote for me

I am the only candidate who will expose the corruption of the Federal Reserve System. I am the only candidate who knows the solution to the problem. All of the other candidates either have no clue of the problem or have been bought and paid for by the banking cartel. They owe their political souls to the American Mafia and they know that if they make the slighest peep about the utter corruption of the FED and/or the IRS, despite the fact that they are the two biggest financial scandals in the history of the nation and are cheating the nation and citizens blind even as you read these words, they will, as with the character in the movie ” The Godfather,” politically ” sleep with the fishes.” They will sell out you and the nation in order to save their own hides and those of their countless political colleagues who have also sold out to the American Mafia.

I am the only candidate who will challenge the American Mafia of the FED and the IRS. I am the only candidate who will fight to get rid of the fraudulent ” national debt ” which is a rock around the neck of the nation, placed there by the American Mafia cartel to enslave the nation in debt for all generations to come.

I am the only candidate who will tell the people of California and the nation the truth regarding the income tax. I am the only candidate who will expose the lies of the IRS and how they cheat and swindle our citizens every day. I am the only candidate who can, and will, stop their corruption. Once and for all.

The elimination of the FED and the IRS, as explained in many areas of this site, will bring a financial renaissance to the nation. No longer will two persons have to work to gain the purchasing power which one use to have and then lost through the deliberate inflation of the currency supply by the FED. No longer will prices, as with prescription drugs, go up and up and up. No longer will government programs, such as the recently passed prescription drug benefit, address a symptom ( rising prices ) rather than the cause ( a DELIBERATELY deflated currency that has lost its purchasing power. These and countless other monetary and financial problems ( symptoms ) will be solved by going to the true solution – the issuance of debt-free, interest-free currency. The issuance of United States Notes.

There are many people who do not want these solutions because they get some benefit from the problems. Example – H&R Block. Their ” business,” and that of many lawyers, is to service and support the spiders of the FED and the IRS as they suck out the blood of their tied-up victim – the people and nation of the United States. They hence get ” a cut of the action ” and the last thing that they want, as knowing or unknowing parasites, is to be cut off from their blood supply. If you get ” a cut of the action ” and if that ” cut ” is more important to you than the future of your children and/or your nation then you don’t want to vote for me. You will want to cover up the problem and actually protect it so that it can go on and on bleeding the citizens and the nation dry until they and it have no more blood to give. But for those of you who want a solution I ask for your vote.

I ask for your vote to end the financial tyranny and terrorism of the FED and the IRS.

I ask for your vote to end the judicial corruption which pervades our nation.

I ask for your vote so that we may break the stranglehold of the banking cartel upon our citizens, our nation, and our future.

I ask for your vote to bring a new, and true, era of economic, monetary, and financial progress to our citizens, our state, and our nation.

Don J. Grundmann, D.C., M.H.
San Leandro, California