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‘Gay’ groups: We have rights to your children!  –  Brief filed in lawsuit over school promotion of homosexuality
Homosexuality and the Corruption of a Culture:  San Francisco is only the beginning…

New book promotes sex with children – Ph.D. ‘expert’ claims pederasty good for ‘nurturing,’ ‘mentoring’ young boys.  Dear Citizen : Despite any and all objections it can be easily demonstrated that one of the goals of the homosexual movement is to normalize child molestation; i.e; to make it a everyday occurrence which has not only no criminal penalties attached but is actually celebrated, endorsed, encouraged, and cultivated.  The homosexual community regularly has groups of professional child molesters ( known as NAMBLA – North American Man Boy Love Association, whose motto is ” Sex before 8 or its too late ) march in their ” Pride Parades ” – community events where the homosexual community shows what it is ” proud ” of.  I have personally filmed these child molesters many times.  These groups even produce their own magazines ( by molesters and for molesters ) and have chapters in cities across the nation – Los Angeles, New York, Seattle, San Francisco, Houston, Boston, St. Louis, Chicago, and many other cities.  They have extremely powerful political protection, more openly from the Democratic Party and more covertly from the Republican Party, in addition to the Libertarian and Green Parties.  Additionally the media of our nation, as it is controlled by ” The Matrix ” ( see my article on this subject ), openly promote the destruction of our culture, society, and nation by advancement of the homosexual movement.  The following article, which the Matrix controlled media would never print, describes part of the continued movement toward this central goal of the homosexual movement.  The legalization of homosexual marriage will virtually ensure that this real goal; the normalization of child molestation; will be achieved.  As homosexuality is a emotional pathology it can be cured with proper understanding and treatment.  We must work to aid those who are afflicted by the emotional pathology of homosexuality to recover and be healed from their affliction but, even more, we must work to protect the children of our nation from this movement which, ever more openly as shown below, seeks to destroy them and all future generations to come.

MAG: 25% of New HIV-Infected Gay Men South out Virus, Says San Fran Health Official

Medical Consequences of What Homosexuals Do – Paul Cameron, Ph.D.

Oh Elton!  (Reporter’s Expose on the Boy Scouts)  (Viewer Discretion Advised.)

Demos’ Stance on Boy Scouts Draws Fire  See Don Grundmann Protest the Democrats

PETA, Perverts and Horses – By Alexander Rubin

School’s Out — Will the Rainbow Bus Take Our Kids to the Land of Diversity?

Should public schools be used to promote the homosexual agenda?
Dear Citizens : As a more extensive article at this site will soon illustrate one of the main purposes behind homosexual marriage, and the homosexual movement as a whole, is to ( separately from physical which will be performed in another way and as a followup ) emotionally, mentally, and spiritually molest the children of our nation.  This article describes the beginning of this process and who those molestors are.

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